Wound Balm


equiXTREME Skin Care Wound Balm supports the natural healing process of the horse‘s skin. The unique formula contains purely natural ingredients to nourish, support and protect affected, damaged and irritated skin areas.

The special equiXTREME 3-components-formula:

1- Native Olive Oil – Well known for its ability to support and increase the cell building process in the deeper layers of the skin, as well as for its antibacterial properties. It protects the skin from free radicals and is essential for the rehabilitation of affected skin areas.

2-Natural Beeswax – acts as a natural breathable plaster and protects irritated and damaged skin from water, dirt, bacteria and insects. It also helps to keep the moisture level of the skin in balance and thereby aids the healing process.

3-Essential Herbal Essences- These have been used and trusted for centuries and work on and under the skin. Alongside their antibacterial properties they help relieve itch, wound pain and swellings .

-supports the natural healing process

-antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

-relieves  itch and wound pain

-helps to restore the natural moisture level of the skin

-acts as a natural plaster against contamination and environmental effects

How to use:  Clean the irritated or damaged skin area carefully. If necessary, cut off feathers and long hair to make the treatment easier. Apply equiXTREME Skin Care Wound Balm by hand on the affected area and massage in. If necessary repeat on a daily basis.

 Tub Size 40ml



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