Leather Cleaner


The equiXTREME Leather Cleaner removes Grease, Sweat and all kinds of dirt without the need of water. It doesn’t affect the leather and the stitches. The use of too much water can weaken  the internal structure of the leather.

The quickly drying equiXTREME Leather Cleaner is pH neutral and also removes bacteria and mold.

The ready to use mixture allows users to clean all those areas that are usually difficult to reach.

-suitable for all kinds and colours of leather

-cleans quickly without affecting the leather structure

-very effective, ready to use spray mixture

-no water needed

Instructions for use: Spray the equiXTREME Leather Cleaner directly onto the leather or a clean sponge. Wipe over and let dry. For the cleaning of very dirty areas, we recommend that you repeat the procedure and let the cleaner soak in for at least 5 minutes.

After cleaning, use one of our equiXTREME leather conditioning products.




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