Leather Balsam


The equiXTREME Leather Balsam contains essential nourishing properties as well as high grade beeswax. Unlike most other modern leather cleaners, this leather balm also contains no glycerin, a chemical that will actually weaken the internal structure of the leather and eventually damage it completely. The natural formula nourishes the leather and keeps it supple. Beeswax protects it from water and sweat and leaves a natural non-slippery finish. Ideal for very fine or old and extremely dry leather.

-Nourishes and protects all types of leather

-Keeps the leather soft, supple and supports the internal structure

-Leaves a natural, non-slippery finish

-Forms a protective barrier to protect against sweat and grime


Instructions for use: Apply the equiXTREME Leather Balsam with a sponge directly onto the leather. Wipe over and let dry for at least 10 minutes. Wipe over again if necessary to remove residues.




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