The equiXTREME Flybuster is a highly effective, extra-strong, and extra long-lasting deterrent against flies and other biting insects.

The Fly-Buster uses a powerful formula that contains the ideal level of Icaridin (10%) required for an effective Fly Spray. Most traditional fly sprays often only use up to 7%. Icardin is a gentle, yet effective alternative to Deet, the component found in most other Fly Sprays. However, Deet can also be used to remove nail polish and has been found to cause discolouring/fading to leather tack too, so the use of Icaridin in our Fly-Buster spray is a much gentler substitute to this. This product also contains a coat conditioner, which will help the spray to stay on the horses coat for much longer than traditional fly-sprays, thus eliminating the need for frequent reapplication.

Bottle Size 300ml



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