Pretty in Pink…Firle BE Report

I’m sure many will agree with me when I say that Firle Place is a venue that simply oozes class, quality, and composure. So, what better way to bring this crashing down on its head than with a ridiculous pair of egotistical males donned from head-to-toe in hot pink? All, of course, for a very good cause…

Firle place has always been a significant venue for us – every year, we always try to give our own little nod to everyone who is fighting, or has been affected by, Breast Cancer by ditching the usual red colours and donning pink instead. This year, we decided to see just how far we could take this, and simultaneously try to raise some money for a Breast Cancer Charity.   In addition to this, Firle was even more of a big deal for us, as it was set to be Dantastic’s last 100 event before he was due to step up to Novice at South of England. So there was everything to play for!

After a couple of weeks of preparation for operation pink (thanks mainly to Dantastic’s awesome owner Claire Penfold, who dared to take the pinkness even further than I would have thought to!!) the big day finally arrived, and it was go time. The dressage went well, scoring a respectable 33.8, and with just 2 poles down in the SJ, the main event – the cross country – soon rolled around!

And what a vision it was!! As you can tell by the photos below, Dan stepped up to the mark and embraced the pink like the true hero he is, storming around the course to come home clear. It’s slightly disconcerting quite how well he suits pink!!!

An enormous thank you needs to be given to Spidge Event Photography, who were covering the event and donated a percentage of their takings from the entire weekend. In total, they donated a whopping £512.50 to our cause, and we couldnt be more grateful for such an amazing act of kindness. The equestrian world can be an incredible place at times!


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