A little BS at Brendons (Either interpretation of BS is fine by me)

Ok, so the beast has still not been completely tamed, but we definitely gave it something to think about!
Helen and Tigger were up first in the 85, and turned out a lovely clear round, then she was in to the British Novice, which was much more powerful and purposeful than their previous rounds, with Tigger actually standing off on a decent stride.
I then took Brian round the British Novice, (he gave me a beautiful round with an unfortunate pole), as a warm up for his first Discovery, and he was epic! Ok, so we still had a couple of poles. But it was a really promising round.
Next up in the Discovery was Dantastic, and my god was he on form! If I hadn’t stuck him into the bottom of the 8th, we would have left them all up! But instead we ended up with 4 faults.
So now it was time for the newcomers, and this was going to be exciting -we were going to get to jump the big water tray! We still have work to do, but it was such an improvement. He took a good stride into most of them, and we only had one brief mad moment. A massive thanks to Spidge Event Photography for their (as always) fantastic photos, (Although I’m never forgiving Ryan Miller for missing me in the 1.10) to PW Equine Physio, and Kelly Hazelden Equine Dentist for their continued support. And to super groom Claire and her assistant Amelia.


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