When the beast strikes back…Borde Hill Report

So after smashing our show jumping demons at Pyecombe on Wednesday, my and Dantastic were keen to get on to Borde Hill. Brian stayed at home as I didn’t want to push him too hard, and Yvie of Team Jeanne was given the honour of riding Tigger for Helen (to give the ungrateful little sod a little more of a determined ride.)

Dan was first up for dressage and did a very respectable test, and then Tigger got a new personal best! It was then a 4 hour wait for the start of the BE100 show jumping, so I could just sit back and watch Tigger and Yvie go! And what a fantastic round of show jumping it was. He had 2 unfortunate poles, but jumped off of a good stride for every jump! No getting in deep and climbing out. The cross country course at Borde Hill has always been a trial for Tigger, but not this weekend, this weekend he aced it, coming home clear and inside the time!

Dans turn to go show jumping…. we were pumped, we warmed up beautifully, super trainer Caroline was holding our hand and guiding us through it. The new Voltaire saddle was putting me in the perfect position, we were ready.

We entered the arena.

Then…….. I got the first jump wrong. It went down hill from there. We had both parts of both doubles down! The Beast won this round, it gloated at me all the while I was walking out. Still, we had the fun bit to go.

Now, me and Dan love a bit of Cross country, and Borde Hill Horse Trials always give a decent course, so we were determined to have enjoy it, and quite simply, it was brilliant. We had a couple of little glitches that we need to work on (like getting reins I can keep hold of) but 98% of it was perfect.

So for any of you that wonder, beast taming is out of the window. I’m going into the slaying business now!!! No more Mr nice guy; Beast is going down!

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