Ups and Downs…HorseHeath (1) Report

So, Friday saw us making the trip to Horse Heath for Brian, Tigger & Dan’s first stay-away event of the year. And what a lovely friendly venue it is, with the poshest toilets ever seen at any event! We will definitely be returning in the future.
Now, it was not the most successful day on paper, but a day we all have. Nothing quite went right for us. (Apart from the dressage that is…. all of the boys performed their own personal best dressage tests! So that was a definite success.)
The show jumping beast won this round and had us all at it’s mercy and all the boys did some very nice work cross country, but sadly it was too late by that point. There are plenty of ups and downs in this sport, as this weekend proved, but we are already looking forward to the next event, where we will be ready to show the showjumping beast what for!
So not perfect, but not the worst weekend after all. 

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